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Middle School Academy

About Middle School

In our middle school program, we focus on the whole student and help set them up for academic success. We believe that the structures and practices that start in middle school are fundamental to their high school and post secondary success. Coach Chaz aims to create positive academic and social habits that support middle school students now and in the future. The years spent in middle school are difficult socially, emotionally and academically. By being a part of AIM in middle school, students get the support to address each aspect in a positive and supportive environment.

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Coach Charles Pickley

Middle School Director

A typical day at AIM looks different depending on the planning and activities set out by the Coach. Monday or Thursday (depending on the Fall or Spring), is set for tennis practice at local tennis courts. Students love being on campus and Coach Addison makes the exercises and matches fun for everyone! Tuesday and Wednesdays will alternate between academic tutoring or enrichment programming. During academic time, we allow students to complete their homework for the day/week and provide engaging learning activities when assignments are completed to help build on their studies. Our Coaches will work with the students to make sure their academic goals are clear, achievable and on track. Enrichment days include a variety of activities for the students. Whether it’s a field trip or a visiting partner organization like Motiv8U or Peaceful Paths, students get to learn about new and relevant topics that are positive and build on life skills students need to be well-rounded achievers. Fridays are set aside for structured fun. We set up our rec rooms with video games, pool table tournaments, movie screenings while also having outdoor activities available like basketball, frisbee, or capture the flag!

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Tennis at UF Tennis

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Enrichment Day 

Learn New Ideas & Connections

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Recreation Day!

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Homework/Tutoring OR

Social-Emotional Activities

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