Middle School Program

About Middle School

In our middle school program, we want to focus on the student and their academic success. We believe that the structure and practices that start in middle school are fundamental to their high school and post secondary success. Coach Azariah, Middle School director, and Coach Monroe, our Middle School coordinator, work together to enforce habits such as utilizing school planners, setting timers for studying multiple subjects, email etiquette, responsibility fundamentals, and accountability. 

One of the many things that set AIM apart from other after school programs is the support we offer during and after programming. We call ourselves the "AIM Family" for a reason. We strive to cultivate a safe space for not just the students, but the parents as well. We offer different ways to step in and be the voice of our parents or students when they feel they may not have one. Along with that, we are a well-known program within the community and we have many connected with other organizations and community officials who are always willing to put AIM at the forefront of their agenda to help us help our families. 

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Some of the activities that students participate in are, but not limited to, assisting in taking care of our AIM family pets (one guinea pig named Gucci and two hermit crabs), enrichment activities with community partners such as MOTIV8 U with Mr. John Rollins, year-round tennis lessons, academic tutoring, homework help, and much more. We listen to the kids daily and combine some of their ideas with ours to stress the importance of the role they play in creating this space for them to enjoy!

Despite being in a pandemic, our Middle Schoolers are constantly crushing it with their academic success!


Out of 28 students total, we have fourteen students with a 3.0 and above and two students with a 4.0 and above. We celebrate every milestone no matter the size, so everyday is a constant “T-Love” chant!