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Teen Center Program


Scholastic Achievement


Welcome to Aces In Motion Teen Center Program! In the program, we are all about developing and strengthening a students’ excellence both in and out of the classroom. We are aware that at a certain point in high school, students want to spend their afternoons with their friends, however, we work alongside our students to provide a program that they are proud of. We use positive youth development practices to hear the voices of students to structure our programming, activities, and daily interactions to reflect what our students hope to achieve. 


In 2021, we had a 100% graduation rate, and 100% of students were accepted to a post-secondary institution. Our goal is to support our students achieve their post-secondary goals. Here at AIM, our students define success for themselves. We want our students to pave their own paths and be leaders how they see fit. We support them in this development by providing them with exposure activities through quarterly college tours, providing character development workshops through Movti8u of North Central Florida and in-house enrichment presentations. We work alongside our community partners to provide opportunities for our students to further develop their leadership skills. 


High school is a critical time for students to begin developing the skills they will need once they graduate. We want our students to have transferable skills that can be used whether they decide to go to college, trade/vocational, or the workforce. We want our students to be successful in whatever they choose. The skills that the students develop, we want to ensure that they are prepared to take on the world and conquer any challenge they face.

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Tennis at UF Tennis


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Enrichment Day 

Learn New Ideas & Connections

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Recreation Day!

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Homework/Tutoring OR

Social-Emotional Activities

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