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What We Do

Coaching For Life Beyond The Court

Aces in Motion (AIM) is a sports-based after-school youth development program that puts best practices in action. Drawing from the sport of tennis, AIM's goal is to help develop and support the whole child, in terms of health, academics, and social-emotional development. We teach the sport of tennis, emphasizing the many intangible benefits associated with tennis, along with life-skill development and academic support. 


GACTA promotes health, academic achievement and character development through tennis. 


We use tennis and the principles of sport to build a community of children, youth and adults that work, learn and play hard together. 


AIM emphasizes academic achievement by providing 1:1 tutoring, homework assistance, college readiness, and school support services to boost student performance and confidence. 


of Black students in Alachua County 
are NOT reading at grade level.


As a sports-based program, physical health is a priority for student development. Nutrition and physical activities help keep students focused and growing.


AIM believes in supporting the whole child, including social-emotional health. Through mentoring, enrichment activities and peer to peer discussions, students become better equipped to navigate life's challenges. 

times more likely to be suspended [from school] than White students.
Black students are


Annual Report, 990 and Audit

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