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Envisioning Equity

Our friends at Tenacity provided the below paragraphs that parallels our values as an organization.


As a sports-based youth-development organization, working with underserved students, we are focused on creating equitable access to educational opportunity. We stand united in solidarity with communities of color in Gainesville and beyond. Black Lives Matter. Black Dreams Matter. Black Students Matter.

We are proud of our after school program, which expands access to opportunity for underserved young people of color, but we are even prouder of what our students have done and continue to do with those opportunities.

As an organization, we remain committed to advancing educational and racial equity, supporting social progress, and developing young leaders who will carry forward the effort of building a more just and equitable world.

We are committed to learning and benefitting from the voices of those who are advocating for positive change. Our aim is to work each day to build a culture of inclusion and to continue using an anti-racist lens in all aspects of our work.

As a society, we all must speak up and take action against systemic racism. Doing so is critical to eliminating the barriers that deny many, including many of our students, the freedom, safety, and opportunities they deserve.

Abolishing injustice and achieving racial equity is paramount in realizing our mission of ensuring that all students have access to the support and tools they need to achieve their potential and make their dreams real. This is how we all “win”!


Let’s work now more than ever with love and respect for one another – aligned with a common purpose of working every day to create a culture of equal justice, dignity, and inclusion.

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