Our Mission and Values

Aces in Motion uses tennis to promote character development, academic achievement  and a healthy lifestyle to people of all abilities, with a focus on under resourced communities. We Use Tennis and the Principles of Sport to Build a Community of Children, Youth, and Adults that Work, Learn, and Play Hard Together

AIM is developed as an evidence-based youth sport program that puts best practices into action. Drawing from principles related to sport, youth development, cultural and community capital, and trauma informed practice, our approach is designed to “elicit the maximum development of potential within the context of a training program that exposes youngsters to constructive relationships” with supportive adults. We draw from the cultural and community heritages of our constituents to infuse values, skills, and opportunities to work toward a just society within our students, staff, volunteers, Board, and partners.

We partner with students and families from schools all over Alachua County:

Lincoln Middle School

Howard Bishop Middle School

Eastside High School

Gainesville High School

Santa Fe High School

Loften High School

PACE School for Girls

Resilience Charter School

Caring and Sharing Learning School

Kanapaha Middle School

PK Yonge Developmental Research School

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