BrainPower and AIM are partnering to offer "BrainPower @ AIM" which will see a counselor join the AIM Family and offer social emotional support, one-on-one and group counseling, and family counseling.

The strong and longstanding partnership between Aces in Motion and Gainesville Parks and Rec has been one of the great keys to the program's success. Without their generous support and tireless dedication to improving the lives of Gainesville's youth, AIM would not be possible.

UF College of Education

The College Reach-Out Program (CROP) was created in 1983 to increase the number of under-represented students in grades 6-12, who upon high school graduation, are admitted and successfully complete a postsecondary program. CROP is administered through the Florida Department of Education.

CROP provides trained tutors for our participants 4 day per week at UF. 

Dream on Purpose is a 501(c)3, nonprofit organization, headquartered in Gainesville, Florida, dedicated to empowering girls between the ages of 11-18. Our mission is to empower every young girl to actualize her dreams by connecting her to local resources through interactive workshops and promoting positive socialization through structured forums. 

  • Partnered with GPD, among other law enforcement agencies, for Volley Against Violence (VAV). VAV is a weekly event where GPD officers interact with our after school participants on court and then sit down together for a dinner and discussion on topics covering relationship building, social emotional learning, and conflict resolution.

  • Regularly attend Pineridge neighborhood meetings hosted by GPD.

  • Held first Tennis Festival for Pineridge neighborhood, October 2014.

  • Stay in regular contact with GPD in regard to east Gainesville issues.

  • Participated in a Community Service Day at Phoenix Apartments.

We are partnering with the I Am Stem summer program to provide our tennis and life skills curriculum to their participants grades K-8.

  • Aces in Motion instructors provide weekly tennis instruction to K-3 students at our T.B. McPherson location

MOTIV8U of North Central Florida, Inc. is a community-based, motivational training company that provides inspirational and engaging training programs to schools, faith-based organizations, and other agencies whose primary mission is giving focus and motivation to our youth. By way of the U*R IMPT (You Are Important) message, we affirm the greatness of each individual. Our mission is to TELL EVERYONE--EXCLUDE NO ONE--REACH SOMEONE with this message. MOTIV8U of North Central Florida, Inc. partners with agencies within the community that understand and value the development of our future leaders. 

Providing weekly tennis/life-skill instruction to Reichert House elementary and middle school students at T.B. McPherson tennis facility.

We partnered with RPCP to develop an on-court curriculum to teach conflict resolution skills underserved youth.

Grant written to provide tennis instruction as part of PE class. We were able to start our first Special Olympics tennis team in 2016 as well as involve athletes with Middle School Tennis with typical athletes.

In 2016, the first Special Olympics tennis competition was held in Alachua County.

Through Field & Fork, people can take courses and participate in activities that explore many facets of food systems, from horticultural practices and food security, to consumption and nutrition. The program also works with faculty, local organizations, and businesses to enhance opportunities for students to apply their education in real world contexts through internships and research.

AIM partners with Field and Fork to pick fresh fruits and vegetables once per month at the UF Farm and Garden that will then be cooked by our high school participants for our Family Dinners with IFAS FNP.

In conjunction with the College of Tourism, Recreation, and Sports Management and Dr. Trevor Bopp, we have introduced our newest program, Gators in Motion. We visit the UF campus with our after school program three days per week to promote post-secondary education through one on one tutoring with UF student volunteers and engagement with university clubs, athletic teams, student organizations, and colleges.

The UF/IFAS Extension Family Nutrition Program (FNP) empowers Floridians with limited resources to take control of their health. We teach people how to eat healthy on a budget and to get physically active in order to reduce the risk of obesity and chronic disease. 

CARD provides free training for our staff and volunteers on how best to work with people with disabilities and provides motivational/behavioral aids for our After-School Program.

At the end of 2015, we were selected as a United Way Impact Partner, which opens additional training and funding opportunities.

University of Florida Student Athletes

University of Florida Student Athletes (Goodwill Gators), UF Club Tennis, and UF Varsity Tennis provide tennis instruction and life-skills instruction at T.B. McPherson tennis facilities and east Gainesville schools. UF’s Alpha Kappa Psi business provide homework help during the After-School Program. Gator Pals provides volunteers to help with the adaptive tennis program.

Up2Us provides instructor training in Sports-Based Youth Development and also provides opportunities to host Coach Across America Coaches.

USTA Florida Section Foundation, and USTA Foundation

Over $22,000 in grants received for 2014 programming, and $12,500 in 2015 (YTD)

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