About Us

Gators in Motion is an after-school sport based youth development program, serving middle school kids several times a week onsite at the University of Florida’s Florida Gymnasium. It is a partnership between the UF’s Department of Tourism, Recreation and Sport Management, the Gainesville Area Community Tennis Association and UF’s College Reach Out Program. Through the administration of a data-driven and time-tested curriculum, Gators in Motion aims to positively impact youth participants in three distinct, yet interrelated, facets of their lives: academics, life skills, and athletics. To this end, the program offers a unique blend of sport, life lessons and academic tutoring aimed at facilitating personal and life skills development, enhancing academic skills, fostering a desire for education, as well as increasing the physical literacy and activity of its participants. Specifically, the program meets development objectives in the following ways: 



  • UF’s College Reach Out Program provides academic support in the form of one-on-one tutoring and assistance with homework, course and test preparatory lessons, study skill enhancement, as well as the monitor and evaluation of educational metrics and academic behaviors. 


Life Skills and Character Development

  • Through interaction with trained academic and athletic instructors, students will learn, develop, and enhance character skills, confidence, goal setting approaches, emotional intelligence, and conflict resolution strategies.


Healthy Lifestyle Choices

  • Trained tennis and sport specialists teach students proper stretching and cooling down techniques, healthy exercise and eating habits, the value of nutrition, and the importance of a healthy lifestyle via sport and physical activity.


Sport and Physical Activity

  • In addition to learning sport-specific skills and activities, students have their physical literacy monitored and evaluated. This involves measuring their motor competence, sport-related confidence and motivation, as well at their levels and enjoyment of physical activity.


Who We Are

Dr. Trevor Bopp is an Assistant Professor at the University of Florida and Co-Director of the Laboratory for Athlete and Athletics Development and Research (LAADR). His focused research line investigates psycho-social and socio-cultural influences on athlete development, as well as quality of life, well-being and managerial issues in sport organizations and their constituents. Within these broad areas exist his particular interests in (a) examining amateur athlete development and well-being spanning the personal, professional and social life of the individual and (b) understanding diversity and discrimination at the youth, recreational, and intercollegiate levels of participation and management. 


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Programming Partners


College Reach Out Program

College Reach Out Program (CROP) is a general education tutoring and mentoring program for academically and economically disadvantaged youth. In addition to academic support and career counseling, CROP offers social and cultural development opportunities, as well as motivational and life-skills seminars and support to its youth participants. 


River Phoenix Center for Peacebuilding

River Phoenix Center for Peacebuilding (RPCP) has as its core mission to “enrich the lives of individuals, families and communities by providing and promoting the best practices and principles of peacebuilding”. Using sport and the RPCP curriculum for their police youth dialogue initiative, participants will learn conflict resolution skills and partake in activities to enhance their emotional intelligence and resiliency. Additionally, programming will help facilitate trust between local law enforcement officers and participants. 


Unity Family Community Center

Just Be U (JBU) is a motivational and life-skills curriculum administered through the Unity Family Community Center (UFCC) aimed at helping youth to better understand and appreciate themselves so as to develop and/or strengthen a positive identity. By providing programming and mentorship outside of the home, JBU helps participants acquire the life-skills and self- confidence to become more efficient in their everyday responsibilities, establish positive relationships with others, create and pursue personal goals, and develop strategies for an overall healthy lifestyle. 


Volley against Violence

Volley against Violence (VAV) is a community and police engagement tool created in Boston, MA, designed to bring youth, their communities and police together. Utilizing casual yet vigorous physical activity in a fun, non-confrontational environment, VAV is able to provide opportunities for informal mentoring, relationship building and the seamless delivery of life-skills curricula. Together with parents and advocates, participants can address issues that cause tension between police and neighborhood youth, and mitigate factors that attract youth to gang involvement.

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